What is Refuah?

The Hebrew word "refuah" רפואה (pronounced reh-foo-ah) is roughly translated as "healing" or "medicine." It refers to the act of healing.

According to the Kabbalah and other healing traditions, refuah is not simply a physical healing. It also refers to the holistic healing of the entire being - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Our chronic, physical ailments are generally directly related to more core mental and emotional conflicts that we are challenged with, whether they may have occurred decades ago or even months ago. In the words of the great medieval physician Maimonides: "The passions of the soul greatly alter the body in ways obvious to any observer."

By healing the pathological core of the person's inner, core dis-ease (and not just the illness or disease), a person attains a true holistic refuah, healing that penetrates the entire essence of what's really asking to be healed.

This is the goal of homeopathy and of Refuah Homeopathy in particular.

Homeopathy is a energy based natural system of holistic healing that aims to heal the person as a whole on all levels - psychologically and physically. Click here to learn more about this wonderful and evidence based healing modality.

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